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All our coaches are trained and have experience working with a wide range and variety of sports. We have fun and exciting session plans for all types of sports such as Football, Tennis, multi-sports, Basketball, Gymnastics and many more. Our coaches know that children who do after school clubs have already had a long day at school, so we aim to make sure the after school clubs are something for the children to look forward to after a long day.

Preparation is the key

We appreciate the importance of setting up and planning before the children enter our sessions. Our after school club coaches aim to use up every second of coaching time to get the children and coach, before they are safely and securely returned back to their parents. The coaches have the term plans to match the sport they are teaching. Every second is vital and wasting time is not on our agenda, so turning up early and setting up the equipment before the children get there is vital, to ensure children get as much out of our sessions as possible.

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