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Our PE program is based around the professionalism and enthusiasm of our coaches to follow the national curriculum. Our coaches understand the key aspects of their job, they appreciate the importance of behaviour management, reliability, and setting a good example for the children through carrying themselves in a positive way. Our coaches have a firm but fair approach to coaching, they are respectful and fun but the children know their boundaries.

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What we bring to the children

Our PE teachers are bursting with energy, which is important when you are working with children and in sports. They are adapted to working with all age groups. They are taught to combine the 5 most important elements- Guided learning, setting up a positive high energy environment, enthusiasm, planning and control of behaviour. Due to this, our coaches become rounded, prepared to handle any situation and coach any child regardless of age, gender or behaviour issues. 

Teachers trust

Our PE teachers follow the national curriculum, so we are in line with all other subjects in the school. We set up positive, open environments, so the teachers in the schools we work in feel comfortable to communicate with us about any issues involving their children. We report back to the teachers after each session, so they are updated all the way. We are happy for teachers to sit in on our sessions and to hold meetings with them, so they can learn from our coaching style and add to their PE skill set.

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Knowledge and behaviour management

We teach the theories and wisdom within sports, so they not only physically coach but are also able to discuss why, how and the importance of the skills of executing specific techniques in a range of different sports. Our coaches have a brilliant grasp on behaviour management and focus on planning, as we feel this is a vital part of teaching and coaching. In order for us to put on a great session, we must be prepared and have a great sense of control, which means we adopt a firm but fair approach. We will always talk to the children in a fun, respectful and engaging way, our coaches are very playful and excitable, and we have the upmost respect for every child we teach. We also understand that in order for our students to get the most out of our sessions, we as PE teachers must prepare before each session. For the children to develop both socially, physically and technically in sports, they must be taught to have discipline and boundaries, in order to fully engage with the coach’s teachings.

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