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Are we mad?

When we tell nurseries we are here to coach your children, people think we are mad, and maybe we are. We are definitely mad for children and we love the fact that we are usually the first coaches they will work with in terms of their general exercise. The children learn the very basics of football and general movement, with progressions within each term. They learn how to change direction with a ball at their feet, technical aspects, with a focus on fun in each session. We provide them with well organised and well-structured games. We develop their hand, eye and foot coordination.


The session plans are highly important, the unique sessions plans provide a fun environment for the children, but at the same time ensuring they learn specific football techniques throughout. But what’s just as important is the delivery, all our coaches deliver with enthusiasm, confidence and high energy, we feed off the children and the children feed off our energy. We make our sessions interesting, unique, entertaining and exciting, to hold our children’s attention, concentration and to motivate them to learn through being active.



All coaches at Fun 4 sports use a variety of different methods in their sessions for young children to fully understand the message being delivered by the coach. Their methods gain’s the children’s attention and captures their focus quickly, allowing the children to fully understand and concentrate on what is being taught to them. 

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