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Holiday camps

During the school holidays you want to take your children to a place that puts a smile on their face. At fun 4 sports we provide a holiday program to engage the children. With exciting, full of life and energetic coaches, we bring the party to the children. We cover so many sports in our program and give the children so much choice, the children will feel like they are in the “All you can eat” of sport programs.

Autumn 2018

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th October 2018

Spring 2019

February 18th - February 22nd 2019

Spring 2019

April 8th- April 12th 2019

April 15th- April 18th 2019

Summer 2019

May 28th - May 31st 2019

Summer 2019

July 24th- July 26th 2019

July 29th- August 2nd 2019

August 5th- August 9th 2019

August 12th- August 16th 2019

August 19th- August 23rd 2019

August 27th- August 30th 2019

October 21st- October 25th 2019

Holiday camp calendar

The beauty of our camps

All children get the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, in a range of different games, giving them a big variety of sports to participate in. During our camp we have the equipment and the coaches to allow the children to experience 3 sports a day.

We love all sports

In our camps all children get the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, in a range of different games, giving them a big variety of sports to participate in. During our camp we have the equipment and the coaches to allow the children to experience 3 sports a day.

Look Mum I made a new friend

Weather a child is shy, confident or just a cool, calm and collected character, our camps will be the place for them. At the beginning of each day we play games to purposefully integrate all the children, with everyone training and warming up together as a big family. We place a heavy importance on the social aspects within our camps, and everyone is made to feel welcome and each individual is made to feel special by the coaches. Eventually we split the children into age groups and abilities therefore allowing them to participate and train with the children that match their level.

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Whats the plan

Normal day- 9am- 4.30pm

Extended day- 8am -6pm

Ages 4-14 years of age

A normal day


Welcome to fun 4 sports

Coaches will register and greet every child and parent at the beginning of our day. We then allow the children to have a free play.

9.30- 11am

Group warm up and games

Children are spoken to, as a reminder on health and safety and their behaviour. Now LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!


Water break


Time to split up

Children are now split up into age groups and abilities and will start the rotating.


The rotation begins

Children will rotate as a group. They will spend an hour with each sport, with a fun competitive game at the end. This hour is dedicated to their first sport of the day.


Healthy Lunch time

All children are encouraged to eat a healthy lunch, so they can refuel for the second half.


2nd sport

Now its time to participate in the second sport of the day.


Third sport

Now its time to participate in the third sport of the day.


Water break


Group warm down and games

Now its time to come back together as a family and play some fun games at the end.


See you tomorrow 

Its now time to all take deep breaths, calm down and discuss what we have learnt today. Then we get their things and say good bye, the coaches will sensibly release the children to their parents.

Does anyone have a question?

Do you provide food and drink?

No. Children must arrive each day with a packed lunch, healthy snack and a refillable drink bottle.

Can I make changes to my booking?

Yes, you can call us to change the programme or the dates your child is attending, providing this is a minimum of 24 hours before your child’s experience starts. 

Will my child be grouped with his friends?

Many children arrive not knowing other children and part of attending Fun 4 sports is developing new friendships, however we do our best to accommodate friend requests.

What should my child wear?

Your child should bring clothing for both outdoor and indoor. There is a lot of movement involved in our sessions, so please bring clothes that allows your child to move freely.

Do I have to book the whole week?

We know the full week isn’t always an option and so we also offer bookings for individual days to make it easier for you.

What time I can drop off and pick up my child?

You can drop off your child anytime from 9am onwards. You can pick up your child anytime before 4.30pm. If you book the early and late club then you can drop your child off at 8am and pick them up at 6pm.

Are there any special days?

Every Friday we will have an Olympic day or we will bring a specialised coach or sport in for the day.

Can I trust your staff?

All of our Fun 4 sports coaches undergo a thorough selection and preparation process including:

–  A trial session and meeting.
– Registration and clearance with the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS).

– A personal meeting with the owner.
– On-the-job mentoring.
– Performance evaluations and constant contact with the owner.

What is your safe guarding and child protection policy?

We are committed to safe guarding. Please read our safe guarding policy.

What is your policy on bullying?

We will do everything within our power to ensure that no child is bullied. Please look at our Anti bullying procedures.

Lost and found?

Please label your child's items with the full name, so it is easy for us to find.

My child has nut allergies?

No child is allowed to bring nuts to our camps.

My child has medical conditions, can they still attend?

Every child can attend, please just give as much detail as possible on the sign up form, in regards to any medical conditions your child may have. If your child requires 1 on 1 support, then that support carer must be there with the child on site.

Do you have insurance?

All of our camps have full public liability and employer’s liability insurance cover, giving you extra peace of mind.

What happens if my child has an accident?

There are many first aid coaches on site, and if any accidents occurs, the incident will be dealt with by one of our first aid coaches, an accident report form will be filled out and returned to the parent. 

How do I contact you?

Please see our email and phone number down below.

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