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A method to our madness 

It may seem strange to see a bunch of grown adults, behaving so enthusiastically, energetic and with such vibrancy. But we know children want their coaches to be passionate about the subject their teaching. We are not afraid to go beyond the norm to reach and engage with our children. We want to provide high energy positive sessions. Our sessions have an air of positivity which transfers to the children.

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Fun 4 sports are proud to say that our teaching methods and styles have evolved over the years, through experience and passion we ensure that each child develops over the course of each term. A lot of effort and thought goes into what we do and to how we structure our teaching, as this enables us to get the best results out of our children.

We use a technique of learning called discovery learning as a technique of inquiry-based learning. It is considered a constructivist based approach to education. It is also referred to as problem-based learning, experiential learning and 21st century learning. It is supported by the work of learning theorists and psychologists Jean Piaget, Jerome Bruner, and Seymour Papert.

     Q and A

At the beginning and at the end of each session we save a little time to ask the children questions as a reminder of what they learnt from the session. We want the children going home and remembering every aspect of what they did in our sessions, so it stores in their long term memory, and therefore this means they can build on their sports education each week. 

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We do not want to give the players all the answers, so we set up situations where the children are guided to the answer, both physically within our sessions and through the questions at the end. If the children are guided to the answer rather then 100% directed, they will feel a bigger sense of accomplishment, it will mean more to them, and when something becomes special to you personally, you are more likely to remember.

You have made a mistake

We do not want our children to JUST make mistakes; we want our children to learn from their mistakes. We appreciate and understand that our children will learn just as much from a mistake as an achievement. So we provide an environment where children are free to do new things, play new sports, try out new and challenging skills, in the hope that they all feel free to express themselves.

Gymnastic balances part 3.jpg

Through trial and error and the guidance and patience from our coaches, children will learn the best methods to bring out their potential in sports.

We coach team sports, as well as individual sports. We find a common thread running through all sports which we teach to the children. In all sports you must have a keen sense of self awareness, spatial awareness, sharing, thinking about tactics, using our brain as well as a use of hands and feet. Children need to know the basics of any individual sports, for without the basics, how can we develop to the advance skills.

Lets go and play 

With our younger nursery aged children and some in key stage 1, we recreate themes they can relate to. We take ourselves into their world. It’s about taking their mind away from just sport and to a place they feel comfortable in, once they are there then we progress and integrate sport. So we will play games involving different themes such as pirate ships, animals, super heroes and many more. We integrate these different themes into the specific sport we are teaching. We engage their imagination and bring them onto a journey each session and this is where the excitement levels raise and the children go from tears to cheers.


Big boys and girls

Who wants the basketball.jpg

Our coaches have a brilliant grasp on behaviour management as we feel this is a vital part of teaching and coaching. In order for us to put on a great session, we must have a great sense of control of the session. Which means we adopt a firm but fair approach to coaching. We will always talk to the children in a fun, respectful and engaging way, our coaches are very playful and excitable, and we have the upmost respect for every child we teach. We also understand that in order for our players to get the most out of our sessions, to develop both socially and to be confident in sports, they must be taught to have discipline and boundaries, in order to fully engage with the coach’s teachings. This also allows the coach to not allow a minority of individuals to spoil the whole session for the rest.

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