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Our aims and ambitions

We want to bring our program to literally every child in the country. We are very proud of our coaches and appreciate the great job they are doing, and want them to touch as many children’s lives as possible.

Our hard working coaches have struggled to find consistent coaching work in the past and we appreciate the struggles placed on aspiring coaches, so we are dedicated to finding the best and rewarding our coaches for their services in order for them to continue with the high standards we set.

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Due to the coaches we hire, the programs we put in place and the dedication we have for coaching children, we set ambitious goals. We have already touched the lives of over 10 thousand children across London. We now want to touch the lives of millions across England; we want the whole of England to know about our program. As having a positive and deliberate impact on local communities across England is what we came to do. We will do everything we can, to make sure all children know about Fun 4 Sports, as children deserve the best coaching program available to them.

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