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What we provide

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Our coaches are professional highly trained individuals who have a talent and passion for coaching and teaching. We have excellent coaches who have now been teaching PE for years. Our coaches have been taught to manage behaviour effectively with a firm but fair approach, to be able to take classes of 30, and work with and carry out national curriculum plans, and consistently liaise with the teachers after each session. Our coaches talk clearly, and deliver well planned sessions with enthusiasm and lots of energy. We only hire and train PE teachers who have years of experience working with primary school children, in primary school environments.

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When the teacher tells the children to get ready to leave the class at the end of the day, our coaches will have already had the equipment set up and ready for our after school club session. It may be the end of the school day, but it is just the start of the fun and exciting after school club. We cover a broad range of sports such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, multi sports, Gymnastic and many more. Our coaches pride themselves on being versatile, being well trained and experienced in coaching a huge range of sports. You name a sport, we have the equipment, the know how, expertise and confidence to effectively teach, with a huge emphasis on fun and excitement.

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Our Holiday Camps are a chance for our children to gain access to a huge range and variety of sports over the school holiday periods, in which children have a great time making new friends and leaving with golden memories,they will never forget. We create a fun and safe environment with positive coaches, welcoming children of all abilities.

The little ones love it when Fun 4 sports come to town.  We have original, well thought out, high quality sessions based around the fundamentals of Football. We have created our plans based around the experiences and knowledge we have gained throughout many years of coaching, through working as a coach, working with other top quality coaches, learning through trial and error over the years, and showing the confidence to try out unique methods, approaches and ideas, which are effective for this age group. Our lessons are fun, exciting, well organised, well-structured and specifically designed for the children to learn and develop their Football and general active sports skills. We promote independence, creative thinking and confidence building, through communication, visual cards and unique activities geared towards this age group.

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Before school begins, we come to your school bright and early with a smile on our face, ready to give your children the wake and shake session. We take great pride in ensuring our children go to class with a spring in their step and a boost to their energy, after a power hour session with us. We make sure our children start their school day in the right way. Preparing them both physically and mentally at the most important time of the day.

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