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Fun 4 sports provides professional, well qualified and experienced coaches who are joyful, full of life and provide an entertaining and exciting atmosphere for the boys, girls and parents. With our professional yet well-mannered and energetic coaches, we help improve the hand, eye and foot coordination with each child, with great emphasis placed on agility, balance and speed. Our coach’s follow well thought out, creative and clever session plans, which helps the children to learn various different technical elements of all sports and provides them with a platform to learn, improve and showcase their technical skills they learn with Fun 4 sports. Our coaches must respect the rights, dignity and worth of each and every child, parent and colleague, treating each equally within the context of the sport. Our coaches must place the well being and safety of each child above all other considerations. We ensure that the activities we direct or advocate is appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the children.

We set up fun 4 sports as a way to give children a choice, to participate in a sport they enjoy, with the hope that through our well designed plans, and our promotion towards fun and learning, children would want to take one of the sports as a target for future progression. Our philosophy is for the children to have fun whilst learning and developing. We understand the best way for children to discover their talents is for them to enjoy themselves at the same time as learning, so we promote a lively and energetic atmosphere in our sessions.

Fun 4 sports have experienced and professional coaches who have been working with children for many years now. Fun 4 sports is a family friendly Sports Club that covers a huge range of sports, with coaches that have a large level of skills in a range of different sports. We have P.E teachers, club coaches, after school coaches, and nursery school coaches who all coach in a wide variety of sports, teaching and coaching from the toddlers at 2 all the way up to the giants at 14 years of age.


High quality coaching
The Fun 4 sports team put a lot of effort into our session plans and work to provide as much variety of sports as we possibly can. The unique session plans provide a fun environment for the children, but at the same time ensuring they learn specific skills and techniques in a range of different sports. We take great pride in our delivery, all our coaches deliver with enthusiasm, confidence and high energy, we feed off the children and the children feed off our energy. We make our sessions interesting, unique, entertaining and exciting to hold our children’s attention, concentration and to motivate them to learn through being active.

Kids Playing Soccer
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Badmington game
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